How Quill Works


How Quill Works - Analyze

What's Happening in the Data? 

Whether describing your top sales performers or evaluating your portfolio against a benchmark, Quill analyzes your data in order to generate the facts that are foundational to your story. Quill provides ingestion and analysis capabilities that rely on a wide variety of statistical modeling techniques coupled with industry-standard ETL capabilities. These features pull your data into Quill and transform it into the required format for it to determine what's most important to communicate. By decoupling Quill's analysis format from your data model, it's easy to plug your data into our system and get started quickly.   



What is Quill - Reason

What's Important, and What Isn't? 

Not every result from data analysis is interesting or important. Quill captures your business rules to identify thresholds, drivers, trends and relationships to determine what really matters to your business. By applying these metrics to the results of its data analysis, Quill chooses exactly what should be surfaced as part of the narrative, and what should be disregarded. Because Quill reasons just like you, Quill communicates exactly like you and reflects what's most important to you and your business.



What is Quill - Generate

What's the Story? 

Writing, formatting, validating—then more writing. Putting together a final report is easier said than done. Quill helps you by automatically applying language to the most relevant insights and producing a story indistinguishable from a human-written one. Critical features such as grammatical rules, synonyms, and spellcheck are automatically combined with formatting and document generation, resulting in a ready-to-read report. 



Getting Started is Easy

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Working with Narrative ScienceEasy to Integrate: On-demand and scheduled API and SFTP options are available for integration with your existing systems and applications

Working with Narrative ScienceMultiple Formats: Narratives can be delivered in a variety of formats depending on your preference, including Word, PDF, XML, JSON and HTML

Working with Narrative ScienceYou're In Control: Every implementation of Quill includes access to our story review application that allows you to validate your content is ready to go

Working with Narrative ScienceFlexible Deployment Models: We offer a variety of hosting models to meet your data privacy and security needs 

Working with Narrative ScienceCloud Scalability: Our cloud-based infrastructure allows us to scale to virtually any size data set and processing speed

Working with Narrative ScienceService and Support: We have experienced account management and client service teams to help you every step of the way 

Quill Utilizes Narrative Analytics


Quill utilizes Narrative Analytics, an approach to analysis and narrative generation that starts with the story you want to tell, and uses it as the driver for the analysis that needs to be done. Whether it’s an operational report, a performance review or an alert, the desired narrative determines the type of analysis that needs to be performed and the data required for that analysis. The result? A useful, applicable and relevant story that supports your business goals.

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Quill Engage™ for Google Analytics

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Quill Engage is a FREE application that automatically analyzes and transforms your Google Analytics data into natural language reports. Sign up and immediately receive weekly and monthly emailed reports on your site’s most important and interesting insights. You can set up automated sharing for colleagues or clients, and it’s easy to read on any mobile device. 

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Working with Narrative Science enabled us to go to market very quickly. Our new product line, powered by Quill, has generated over a million dollars in annual revenue. This has been one of the strongest products roll-outs we've had to date.