Tell the Stories Hidden in Your Data

Quill™, our automated narrative generation platform, gives you the power to move beyond numbers and communicate true insight.


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Quill performs its analysis in service of the story, identifying key facts evidenced by the data to create the narrative.

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Quill identifies drivers, trends and relationships to determine what's important and interesting, resulting in a relevant story.

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Quill determines what to say and how to say it, and then uses Natural Language Generation (NLG) to transform these ideas into a narrative.

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Understand Your Data, Inform Your Audiences

Every data-set, every database, every spreadsheet has a story to tell, and we're here to help you tell them. Hear more about how our automated narrative generation platform, Quill, analyzes data from disparate sources, understands what is important to the end user and then automatically generates perfectly written narratives to convey meaning from the data for any audience, at unlimited scale.


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CIO Journal"The U.K.’s National Health Service is using Narrative Science to pluck numerical and text data on health-care facilities from spreadsheets and databases and present it in plain English on its NHS Choices website. Expect more data-rich, but expertise poor companies to follow the NHS’s lead.
” — CIO Journal. 

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