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Learn more about where we came from, what the future holds and life at Narrative Science.


Turning Numbers Into Narrative for an Audience of One

Hear our Chief Scientist, Kris Hammond, explain the ways stories are changing in the 21st century. Never in modern human history have companies and individuals had more numbers, statistics, and metrics at their disposal. As Kris explains in this film, the great challenge in the Big Data era is understanding the stories those numbers tell and, just as important, connecting the right people with the right stories.


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Learn more about our leadership team, which includes accomplished executives in both business and academia who bring a breadth of experience to our growing company. 


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With a number of patents issued, we continue to trailblaze cutting-edge technology, revolutionizing the world of automated narrative generation.

Our technology generates data-driven narratives that explain, amplify and illuminate significant events and outcomes. Our mission is to enhance human productivity and make people smarter.