Narratives for Tableau

Interested in seeing how Narratives for Tableau works?

Check out the interactive use cases below to see how dynamic narratives help you understand visualizations immediately.

map narrative 

Retail Sales & Profit

What’s driving your business? Drill deeper into your data to identify the categories and products that are driving profit & sales.

line graph narrative 

Unemployment Numbers in the US

What does unemployment in the US look like over time? Find the trends by age group and time with your interactive visualization and narrative.

tableau line graph narrative 

Relative Price Performance

How did your mutual fund perform versus the S&P 500? When did it perform the best? When did it perform the worst? Find the answers to all your questions by exploring the interactive chart.

How to get started

  1. Download Narratives for Tableau from the Google Chrome Store.
  2. Install the extension in seconds. Works with Tableau Server 10.0, Tableau Public, and Tableau Online.
  3. Customize your narrative and start reading valuable insights from your data.


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We are excited about the partnership with Narrative Science to embed Advanced NLG into our platform, further enabling Tableau users to quickly understand what is most interesting and important in their data.