Descriptions Written by Quill

Quill automatically generates unique descriptions from your data that highlight what is most important and interesting. Instead of manually drudging through data and writing content that consistently needs to be updated, Quill automatically generates unique, variable and engaging content to increase web traffic, and ultimately, purchases.


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Retail Performance Reports Written by Quill

Employ a modern approach to reporting. Quill-generated reports complete the story by providing the information that is most relevant to an employee - from category managers to store managers - via Intelligent Narratives that are easy to understand and action-oriented.


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Quill writes descriptions and reports so you don't have to

Increase site traffic

Drive pageviews, click-throughs and conversions with engaging content.

Provide relevant information

Deliver narratives that highlight what is most important and interesting to each individual employee.

Save time

Eliminate time employees spend manually writing data-driven descriptions.


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