How Quill Works


How Quill Works - Analyze

Identifies What Matters 

Whether describing your top sales performers or evaluating your portfolio against a benchmark, Quill identifies the facts that are foundational to your narrative. Since not every result from this data is interesting or important, Quill uses your business rules to identify thresholds, drivers, trends and relationships to determine what matters most to your business.



What is Quill - Reason

Generates the Narrative 

Quill leverages natural language generation software to produce content which meets your communication goals, business rules and overarching stylistic preferences, such as tone, style and formatting. Finally, Quill automatically applies natural language to the most relevant information and assembles a narrative that is indistinguishable from a human-written one.



What is Quill - Generate

Informs Your Audiences 

Quill allows you to increase the value of your data by fulfilling the tailored information requirements of all audiences. Whether you are communicating to regulatory bodies, employees, business partners or consumers, Quill delivers 1:1 personalized communications in a consistent, brand-aware voice at a scale only possible with technology. 


Benefits of Quill


Realize Full Value of Data

Quill quickly and easily integrates with any data source to discover and communicate the insights most important to a specific audience, finally making it possible to use your data to fulfill tailored information requirements for regulatory bodies, partners and customers.


Enhance Employee Productivity 

Quill eliminates repeated time-consuming analysis and manual, mundane reporting processes for employees, freeing up their time to focus on more strategic business initiatives, high-value add activities and personal growth.


Achieve Machine Scale

Quill automates data analysis from disparate sources, identifies what is most meaningful to the audience and generates data-driven enterprise communications. Our cloud-based infrastructure allows us to scale to virtually any size data set and processing speed.

How To Get Started

Think of an area within your organization where too much time is spent on manual tasks, like writing operational reports, interpreting dashboards or producing regulatory reporting.

Do you have a trove of data that is being underutilized and could be monetized? Could you improve customer experience by providing relevant, dynamic content at the right time to every customer? Whatever the opportunity, Quill is designed to help your business increase efficiency, enhance customer relationships, and meet compliance requirements.

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Quill Engage automatically analyzes and transforms your Google Analytics data into natural language reports. Sign up to immediately receive weekly and monthly summaries about your site’s most important and interesting insights. 

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Narrative Science seems to be furthest along in creating a platform to support the two key activities that make NLG applications sing: Understanding the signals in a domain and rendering useful language for specific audiences.