Narratives for Qlik®

Gain real-time insights with narratives that enhance your
Qlik Sense visualizations.

Take Narratives for Qlik for a spin! Click on the interactive visualizations below to see how it works.

Get started in 3 easy steps

  1. Drag the Narratives extension onto your Qlik Sense worksheet.
  2. Click the chart you want to explore.
  3. Read the accompanying narrative.


Become a Solution Provider

Our Narratives for Qlik extension provides Qlik Sense customers with the most innovative technology in modern BI. Joining our Solution Provider program will enable your clients to increase usage and adoption of Qlik Sense across their enterprise, and in turn, make you a more valuable partner.

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Narrative Science Solution Provider

Narratives for Qlik – tech that turns your data into a story – is a groundbreaking BI innovation. The tight link to Qlik's associative analysis and its personalization possibilities are pluses, but it's the ability to provide a new means of communicating insights that is really compelling.