Operational Efficiency

Narratives for Business Intelligence

Expedite data discovery with dynamic narratives that are easily integrated into BI platforms. By using Advanced NLG to explain data and visualizations, users immediately know what is most interesting and important, drastically reducing the time they spend interpreting and communicating analytical results.

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Business Performance Reporting

Reduce time spent creating recurring or ad hoc operational reports by having Quill write them for you. Quill-generated reports are automatically tailored to a specific audience, delivered at unprecedented scale and easy to understand.


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Improving operational efficiency allows your employees to focus on what matters

Enhance employee productivity

Automate repetitive tasks and free employee time to focus on strategic, valuable activities.

Improve report quality, consistency & accuracy

Quill-generated reports are configured in accordance with your brand and fully traceable back to the system of record.

Increase adoption

Increase the use of business intelligence tools by adding intuitive, easy-to-understand narratives.

By 2018, 20% of all business content will be authored by machines.