Narratives for Business Intelligence

Take data discovery to the next level


Automatically generate natural language that explains the insights from data, charts, graphs, maps, and more.


Deepen the level of insights delivered through descriptive, predictive, and diagnostic analytics.


Tailor communication and reporting by adjusting the narrative format, length, and language variability. 

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Optimize efficiency and make better business decisions


Surface the hidden insights within your visualization and accelerate time to understanding.


Generate dynamic narratives as you interact with your visualization, gaining real-time insights.


Identify relationships in data not obvious in your visualization alone, reduce the hypothesis phase and expedite decision-making.

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Visualizations contextualized and enriched by easy-to-understand narratives, either analyst or NLG-created, accelerate the time to insight. They also improve the accuracy of insights and conclusions made from analytics content delivered to, and shared with, an expanded set of users who may have limited analytics skills.