Quill for Anti-Money Laundering

Equip compliance and AML teams with consistent, traceable information to aid in regulatory compliance reporting processes. Quill triggers investigation reports and Suspicious Activity Report (SAR) narratives any time the underlying data changes, allowing teams to scale existing compliance efforts to increase coverage and frequency of reporting.


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Human expertise at machine scale 


Comply with regulations

Automate the writing of compliance reports so they are accurate and filed on time, every time.


Increase transparency

Quill-generated narratives automatically update as the data changes and are traceable back to the system of record.


Drive consistency at scale 

Eliminate manual processes related to compliance reporting and reduce costs associated with employee training.

Using a combination of data analytics and cognitive computing, Quill can quickly convert case data into SAR narratives, saving analysts the time and effort of writing the reports themselves. Using Quill also ensures that the SAR narratives are complete and consistent across the firm.