Advanced NLG

Bridge the Gap Between Numbers and Knowledge


There is a clear and immediate opportunity to bridge the gap between data and the people who need to understand it. That bridge is the power of a story. A story explains data, making it more understandable, meaningful and actionable.

Quill, our advanced NLG platform, enables better, faster decision-making by quickly conveying the most important and interesting information to any intended audience through customized and compliant natural language narratives.

Advanced NLG Delivers Tangible Business Benefits


Enhance Customer Engagement

Convey meaningful information to customers at unlimited scale through consistent, branded, 1:1 written communications that improve brand loyalty, increase customer lifetime value and reduce churn.


Accelerate Innovation

Tap into your underutilized data troves, recognize what data is most relevant to an audience and deliver consumable content and information products your consumers are demanding.


Ensure Compliance and Reduce Risk

Automatically adhere with industry-regulated compliance and produce timely reports at machine scale that satisfy audit demands and eliminate costly and manual reporting processes.

Powered by Narrative Analytics

Narrative Science uses Narrative Analytics, our patented method of analysis, to power Quill. Where basic NLG systems simply turn data into text, our advanced NLG system transforms data into narratives - personalized stories that have a logical beginning, middle and end - of any length. 

Narrative Analytics starts by understanding your communication goals and the metrics necessary to meet those goals, analyzes the context of what is being said, and decides what is most interesting and important to say.



Our client spent multiple years and millions of dollars rolling out a new point of sale system only to realize that the reports contained little value or insight, and as a result, utilization was less than 10%.