“Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.” That oft-quoted John Wanamaker comment pretty much summed up the state of ad tracking until very recently. With the explosion of digital advertising and advanced tracking for all advertising mediums, however, Wanamaker’s comment is now far less true. We live in an age in which the reach of media and advertising is tracked exhaustively and turned into powerful data by firms such as Nielsen, Teletrax, and Media Monitors.

Of course, these tracking results take the form of raw data. Even with the best analytics and visualization tools, that data still has to be correlated, interpreted and transformed into knowledge if an agency or advertiser is going to use it to drive decisions. So while much of the tracking is now automated, the interpretation of the data still requires armies of analysts to transform it into something useful.

That is, until today.

We are excited to announce our new partnership with MILLENIA 3, one of the country’s most advanced commercial broadcast traffic and tracking firms. We’re powering Millenia 3’s Vital Airplay Snapshot that goes beyond the data to automatically produce clear and concise English-language reports that explain how advertising campaigns are performing. Using core performance data, coupled with Quill and MILLENIA 3’s analytics, the product is able to provide advertisers and television networks with airplay verification reporting on an immediate basis.

The quick turnaround and narrative format of the reports immediately reveal to networks if a commercial aired incorrectly—based on the traffic instructions built around the buy—or not at all. This allows an immediate response to series launch promotions that were missed or aired incorrectly, rather than costly and potentially disastrous after-the-fact reporting at month’s end, which is the current industry standard.

The core technology frees decision makers from the often-painful task of calculation and interpretation and allows them to read results and recommendations in the most natural way imaginable, as a narrative report that explains how their campaigns are doing in clear, crisp English. With reports generated on a daily basis, advertisers and television networks can quickly and easily read the “story” of a campaign and use the insights that are outlined to drive quick action.

Vital Airplay Snapshots further express Narrative Science’s capabilities in the marketing and advertising services industry and emphasize the value companies receive from transforming data into insight. For those who need the facts now and in a form that they can use, Quill continues to transform numbers into knowing.