Automated Narrative Generation

The Empty Promise of Big Data 

Searching for Meaning, Insight and Value

Despite the promise of Big Data, few organizations have yet to tap into its true potential. Companies have spent billions amassing and managing huge data sets, resulting in a myriad of data analytics technologies that spill out numbers and visualizations. The challenge? These tools require skilled people to not only interpret the data, but also effectively communicate what’s happening in a timely and scalable way.

The Anatomy of Narrative Analytics

Driven By the Story, Not the Numbers

Narrative Analytics is a new approach to automated communication that starts with the story. The story drives a set of communication goals that reflect what needs to be said. These, in turn, define the analysis that needs to be performed in order to get the facts that support the story. The result is a complete set of requirements to drive the creation of the narrative. This linkage between story, analytics and data - the core tenet of Narrative Analytics - is fundamental in making sure that you say the right thing and the right time.

A Smarter Data Solution That Makes You Smarter

From Data, to Insight, to Action

Since our inception, Narrative Science has been using Narrative Analytics to generate the insight companies need to improve performance, create better customer experiences and increase revenue. By eliminating human error and the constraints of time and scale, Quill systematically creates personalized narratives that more accurately reveal where there are issues and where there are opportunities to help people make better business decisions and, ultimately, make them smarter.

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The New Age of Storytelling

Data vs. Decision-Making

There is a clear and immediate opportunity to bridge the gap between data and the people who need to understand it and act on it. For us, that bridge is the power of a story. Storytelling is one of humankind's most fundamental communication methods. A story explains data, making it more understandable, meaningful and actionable. It presents insight in a way that anyone, not just a data scientist or analyst, can read and understand.

You have a choice between data and decision-making. You can spend time figuring it out, or have it easily and quickly explained to you in plain English. 


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Our client spent multiple years and millions of dollars rolling out a new point of sale system only to realize that the reports contained little value or insight, and as a result, utilization was less than 10%.